Offsite car wash in Curitiba
About us
Welcome to ABS LAVA RAPIDO LTDA - Leading Car Wash Company in Curitiba! We pride ourselves on offering our customers high quality car care services right in their own backyards or workplaces.

Our company specializes in a professional car wash of all makes and models. We understand that your car is not just a vehicle, but also an investment that needs to be carefully looked after. Therefore, we offer only the most advanced technologies and environmentally friendly products to ensure a flawless result.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of various body types and materials. They know exactly what methods and products to use to achieve the best results without damaging your vehicle. We guarantee that after our car wash your car will look like new.
Why us?
Convenience and comfort for customers
ABS LAVA RAPIDO LTDA offers an on-site car wash, which allows customers to save time and effort on a trip to a car wash. Customers can order the service directly at their workplace or even at home, and the car will be washed by professionals without having to leave their location.
Environmentally responsible
ABS LAVA RAPIDO LTDA uses special technologies and products that minimize the use of water and chemicals in car washing. This helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment and makes the company more attractive to customers who value environmentally friendly services.
Quality of service
ABS LAVA RAPIDO LTDA has experienced and professional employees who provide high quality car washing. They use cutting-edge methods and technologies to guarantee the perfect result for every client. The company also offers various additional services, such as body polishing or interior cleaning, to meet all customer needs.
Free car wash for new customers
ABS LAVA RAPIDO LTDA offers new customers the opportunity to get a free onsite car wash in Curitiba.

The promotion is valid only for new customers of ABS LAVA RAPIDO. To participate in the promotion, you must call the specified phone number.

+55 27 98117-5438